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There is a rhythm to this work. A carefully defined embrace to hold and to keep the readers involved in the Authors’ unusual
journey. From the “how to keep the Legacy letters alive,”to birthday letters to the “little ones”and the

His imagipnary okay the invitation to come and sit at the musical Mountains and the cabin, the defining of the little ones are closely woven into basic principles and loving work. Poetic observations and simplistic cleaning wisdom fill in the spaces of Hope and allupring connectedness.
tthe many gifts here embrace the recognition of time a first and last gift, precious resources and the reality of age embracing the old

2 Know who you area – a walk is inviting where are places to go so one can think about nature, sunrises, dreams and more. These precious seeds of wisdom drop throughout, where poetic moments leave the reader to stop a moment and enjoy the savor of the activities and or the considerations. It feels like a front porch conversational setting with Lively active words
The overall tone can be understood in disciplines of the land. He writes my pain gripped in my fingers my imagination is endless
Subject: Review Legacy Letters 1

Legacy set the stage for lifelong journey into childhood young adulthood and Life Sounds in a natural tone glimpsing the hearts and weaknesses and weariness and no-nonsense productivity. The endearing endless Samplers store sharp pictures of richness and exquisite love of the language. The embracing of the land, lovers of words and the passionate heart.”
The cabin bound hermit. Time is the first and last gift.”