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“My favorite part of “The Cottage” book. … It tweaks your senses and “guides” you to seek what you have within yourself. I also enjoyed the lifestyle photos and art, of course. It’s a quick read but packed with ways to guide you in your quest to make your cottage a cozy and fun nesting place for you, your family and friends!”
CINDY   H. S.  Interior Designer 

Karen J Lee, award-winning writer, and artist notes, “Leave everything behind. Go to the beach. It’s time. To relax, to restore, to create.” 

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Karen combines an inviting approach to arts and décor for the laid back cottage lifestyle. A palette of “how to” features for get-a-way cottages introduces classic timeless ideas with colors, textures and accents that motivate and inspire. Intertwined are travel destination art pieces, illustrated paintings, and photography. She explores hunting for treasures choosing décor accessories to achieve a personal style, sparking the readers’ creative juices. 
Black Hollyhocks, Karen J Lee artist

The featured “Cottage” is a how-to Guidebook, a story about planning the welcoming cottage and get-a-way home. Award-winning writer and international juried artist, Karen J Lee, combines an inviting approach to the arts and decor for the comfortable cottage lifestyle. Karen, an award-winning editor & publisher of magazines and online features. The features lead to contemporary trends, travel destinations, news in the arts, reviews of home decor, and top books. The features often include interviews with noted individuals and hosts of destinations.

The book, chock-full of inspiring creativity showcasing a wide variety of home subjects and colorful accents. The Cottage setting celebrates romance and simplicity with inspiring locations, colorful gardens, cozy interiors, and intriguing nooks and crannies. The cottages span from new, remodeled, permanent and weekend getaways. The compendium handbook of color, art and décor ideas overflow with discussions of the “how to”, kitchens of joy, rustic details, seductive bedrooms, the ambiance of porches, mini gardens of herbs, and how to seek out weathered treasures. At the end of each chapter, an outline of ideas offers inspires the reader to plan their preferred style.

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